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Living Learning Communities: FSU's Community of Communities

So, what is a learning community?

While each of FSU's learning communities is unique, they all share a basic emphasis on academics. Each program's participants not only live in the same residence hall but participate in an academic component that helps bring them together as a community. Several programs have a weekly colloquium, for example, and several offer one or more 3-credit-hour courses. These communities introduce participants to what this major research university has to offer, including access to some of FSU's most distinguished faculty members. In the midst of all this intense emphasis on building an academic community, the participants - most of whom are first-year students - focus on learning. Being part of these programs helps residents build on the high level of motivation that they bring to being an FSU student. One payoff of these programs' increased intensity is that a higher proportion of their residents are graduating on time.


Dr. Susan Blessing, Director of the Women in Math, Science and Engineering (WIMSE) Learning Community, is the 2011 recipient of the Ross Oglesby Award.  Presented each year at Homecoming, this prestigious award recognizes one member of the faculty or staff “…who has served the students and the university with exemplary commitment and integrity for a decade or more.”  Dr. Blessing, who is the Nancy Marcus Professor of Physics, is a world-recognized researcher in particle physics and a member of the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics of the American Physical Society. 
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